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A Brother Like Mine....

posted: 07/11/2010

Finally I have found the type of website I have been looking for! About 25 years ago, I learned that my brother was gay. It was new at the time to all of us, but now it is just the way it is. For years I have wanted to share my story about having a gay brother. Maybe I wanted to share it because I am so proud of him, or maybe to tell people who have just learned that someone that they love is gay, that it's really going to be okay. And now I can, through this upscale site. Halleluia!
See one thing that you must know about having a gay brother is that he is the best friend that you will ever have! Although his lifestyle is not the same as mine, it doesn't change who HE is. Who he is- is really all that matters,regardless of his orientation. Going through the experiences of ones life with a responsible, successful, engaging, optimistic, caring and not to mention handsome man- who is only a phone call away, makes life that much more pleasant.
My husband and I really don't know it any other way-all we know is what we see. The outstanding character and the kindness that is show to us and to our children is the way my brother lives. Gay or straight, I don't really care. How one lives ones life, what they stand for, how they view the world and FINALLY how they make a difference in the life of others, is REALLY all that matters.
So if this is all new to you, take a deep breath and then exhale slowly before you speak or act in a way that you will eventually regret. Instead, examine who that person is to you and what role they play in your life. You will get past the awkwardness and one day, finally, want to log in to a website such as this and claim that everyone should be so LUCKY to have a brother like mine!