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Open and Affirming

author: George
posted: 6/4/2014

Very recently a church in my town declared itself to be Open and Affirming...welcoming "persons of every age, gender, gender identity and gender expression,sexual orientation, national origin, faith background, marital status and family structure, mental and physical ability, economic and social status and educational background.

It is becoming clear that we have many friends in this world, who do not see us as evil simply due to our sexual orientation. Churches throughout the country have become Open and Affirming, and for those who seek welcoming congregations and spiritual growth, the opportunities to find these are becoming available more and more, and in our own home towns.

This particular church I've cited now has a rainbow banner on one side of the church building, which is most inspiring as one drives by. Also, they've posted two small rainbow flags on the front lawn, adjacent to the sign that says "First Congregational Church."

Where we worship (if we worship) is very important, and to be accepted for who we are is quite new but a pure delight.

I salute all those who have determined to openly seek us out as we seek out our spiritual needs.