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The Power of Coming Out

author: Michael Salas, Dallas, TX
posted: 4/27/2013

The decision to come out can be an extremely difficult one to make. However, it is usually a turning point that is positive. Having the opportunity to be open leads to a huge amount of stress upfront, but in the long-run, it can actually decrease the amount of stress that you are living with. You won't have to feel as though you are hiding something and this will enhance the amount of congruence that you have in your mind. Coming out will also help you to build a relationship with your friends and family, so that they can support you as a being separate from them. Although some families struggle with this, many are supportive. Even many of the ones who struggle, grow to accept and try to understand.

When you do come out, be sure to have a strong support system of friends, support groups, etc. This will help you to feel more empowered, and less overwhelmed.