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You are you. You are AMAZING!

author: J.E.Read, CT
posted: 10/13/2011

I'm just not ok with all the negative ignorant stuff that people genuinely think is true.

I'm a 27 year old woman who is heterosexual and I dont think I have a clue as to what the LGBT community goes through every single day.

My mom and I had a conversation about the way I think and the way she thinks.
Its different but my mom is much more understanding and loving in general about my outlook on the LGBT community and specifically my choice to look for a religion that’s ok with it as it is rather than a love the person not the action philosophy.

However, after she talked to my grandmother about it, my grandma decided to take it upon herself to send me "statistics" about the homosexual community that were just so biased, I was disgusted.

The problem being, I love my grandma. But she genuinely thinks that is "logic"! These half-assed "statistics" pulled from random studies and mixed with opinion and things pulled out of context to fit someone elses ideological beliefs!

Ugh. Its obnoxious and negative and just not ok with me, because it really comes from ignorance and the choice to remain so. Although, I suppose she would say the same about me. Ohy. Drama. Unneccessary!

I try to pretend that the world is entirely LGBT and thats the "norm" and here I am sitting in my skin knowing I'm a woman who is interested emotionally and physically in men. How would I feel if it was "wrong" to want that? Frowned upon, people wrote nasty things and picketed against anyone who felt like that.

I'm not ok with asking someone to be anyone but who they are. And loving the whole person and their choice of who they are with.
Its not something you can just decide.
Its you.
And YOU are Amazing!