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Being Gay is a Gift

author: ChrisatSAFE
posted: 5/9/2011

Being Gay is a Gift
Weblog January 18, 2009
By Chris DiGiorgio
Reprinted from www.gaysafe.org website..Check out more blogs at the website

Recently I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show- Living your Best Life 2009 on Spirituality 101. Rev. Bacon and Rev. Beckwith both agreed being gay was a gift. Oprah was surprised she never heard clergy people say that. Unfortunately, there is a perception out there that all clergy think that being gay is not a gift at all, but is sinful. However, I know many clergy who do believe being gay is a gift. I want to expand on that point, the experience LGBTQ people have I believe is something GOD has given us therefore that is why it is a gift. Yes, many hate us because they do not know us or they choose not to know us. However, every day we have the opportunity to share our life experience and struggles. We also show people from all walks of life that we are not as different as they might think. So one of the main gifts GOD has given us LGBTQ folk is that we are educators. How much of a blessing it is for me to educate my family on being gay. I never thought I would say that. Yes, I have had some uncomfortable moments. However, the growth I have made from meeting so many in the LGBTQ community and then educating the people I truly love about them is a gift. Also, the growth my family has had through my coming out process was a gift. First, they had to face the truth that the person they knew and loved was gay. Their growth in understanding and support has been amazing. How does this translate into the spiritual life? It is all about living your truth. When you come out as a LGBT person or in my case as a gay spiritual activist and are true to your path great things open to you. I know that has been the case for me. Live your truth, open your life and understand being gay is a blessing and a gift.