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My Friend

author: GB,CT
posted: 6/2/2010

I have a friend who is gay and friendly. We are both men in our mid-fifties who have been friends since we were 13 years old. Our friendship has been easy to maintain because he is such an extraordinary person. The qualities one would want in a friend, he has. First he is kind, thoughtful, generous and never judgmental. In addition he is smart and full of good humor. He is part of my family. My wife and two sons are deeply appreciative of his connection to all of us. The man he is in a relationship with possesses many of the same positive qualities such as intelligence humor and kindness. My friend has never sought or needed approval or acceptance from me. We both know he does not require either. A true friend wants the other to be happy. I can say with confidence that I have a friend that is a happy and proud gay man.