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Federal Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
source: The New York Times
posted: 5/19/14
The cheers erupted at exactly 12:08 p.m. as word filtered through the line of couples, friends and family members, some of whom had been on the sidewalk outside the Multnomah County building here since 5:30 a.m. on Monday.

Judge Michael McShane of Federal District Court — having promised to file his ruling on a challenge to Oregon’s ban on same-sex marriage at noon — had met his deadline. And to Ken Brashier, the roar of the crowd said the rest. The ban had fallen.

“Sounds like we’re getti

There Are Still No Openly Gay Major C.E.O.s
source: The New York Times
posted: 5/16/14
When the National Football League this month drafted its first openly gay player, Michael Sam, he joined a roster of recent firsts — from the first out nightly news and morning-television anchors, United States senator and pro basketball player.

But one major realm of society lags behind: corporate America. There is not a single openly gay chief executive at the nation’s 1,000 biggest companies.

It may seem incongruous that corner offices trail, say, the testosterone-fueled world of N.F.L.

In Historic Pick, Rams Take Michael Sam in Final Round of Draft
source: The New York Times
posted: 5/10/14
Over seven rounds of the National Football League draft, teams chose more than 200 players, from surefire stars to kickers and all-but-anonymous players from tiny Division II programs.

One player who was repeatedly passed over was Michael Sam, a consensus all-American at Missouri and The Associated Press’s defensive player of the year in the Southeastern Conference, considered college football’s most competitive conference. Sam was also the first publicly gay player waiting to be drafted.

The Morning Muse of Television
source: The New York Times
posted: 5/9/14
This is the current state of play in the high-stakes world of morning TV.

When Amanda Knox gives her first interview the day after it is announced that Italian courts have re-convicted her of murder, she does so with Robin Roberts of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” saying the ruling hit her “like a train” while Ms. Roberts looks on sympathetically and, at one point, reaches across the table to hold the young woman’s hand.

When Brittany Daniel, an actress who has overcome Stage IV non-Hodgkin

Compromise on Gays Pleases No One, Scouts Are Learning
source: The New York Times
posted: 5/8/14
Pascal Tessier is a 17-year-old Eagle Scout in suburban Maryland who says scouting made him who he is today, with its lessons about morality, leadership and responsibility. And those very strengths, this openly gay high school senior said, are what compel and equip him to fight back now against Scout policies on gays that he believes are wrong.

After long, anxious debate, the Boy Scouts’ national board voted a year ago to allow openly gay youths to participate in scouting, while continuing to

Travel Companies Boycott Brunei-Owned Hotel Group
source: The New York Times
posted: 5/6/14
Travel companies are boycotting the Dorchester Collection of hotels this week after Hassanal Bolkiah, the sultan of Brunei, the small, oil-rich country on the island of Borneo that owns the hotel group, began implementing a new criminal code that will allow for homosexuals and adulterers to be stoned to death.

The code, based on Islamic, or Shariah, law, also calls for the severing of limbs or flogging as a punishment for theft, among other penalties. Implementation of the code has prompted p

Two Ministers Forge Friendship Across a Church Divide
source: The New York Times
posted: 4/18/14
The two ministers were foes before they ever met, partisans in a war they did not start, but partisans nonetheless.

For four years, they did not speak.

But in the spring of 2011, the Rev. Tory Baucum drove 100 miles south to Richmond to introduce himself to the Rev. Shannon Johnston. And now the friendship that resulted, nurtured over Guinness in the bar of Richmond’s storied Jefferson Hotel, at dinner with their wives and during many difficult conversations, is being hailed as one of the

Federal Court Seems Divided on Utah Bid to Ban Same-Sex Marriage
source: The New York Times
posted: 4/10/14
The push for same-sex marriage, which has celebrated victory after victory in courtrooms across the country, entered an uncertain stage on Thursday as a federal appeals court appeared divided about whether the socially conservative state of Utah could limit marriages to a man and a woman.

In an hour of arguments inside a packed courtroom, three judges from the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit sparred with lawyers about the effects of such bans on the children of same-sex co

UMass Guard Joins List of Openly Gay Athletes
source: The New York Times
posted: 4/9/14
Derrick Gordon, a University of Massachusetts guard, revealed that he is gay, joining a fast-growing list of publicly gay male college and professional athletes.

Gordon is believed to be the first publicly gay active men’s player in Division I college basketball. He spent years trying to conceal the secret, but told his parents, coach and teammates over a stretch of several days last week.

“No one has a set date and time on when they want to come out,” Gordon said in a phone interview Wedn

Mozilla’s Chief Felled by View on Gay Unions
source: The New York Times
posted: 4/3/14
In Silicon Valley, where personal quirks and even antisocial personalities are tolerated as long as you are building new products and making money, a socially conservative viewpoint may be one trait you have to keep to yourself.

On Thursday, Brendan Eich, who has helped develop some of the web’s most important technologies, resigned under pressure as chief executive of Mozilla, the maker of the popular Firefox web browser, just two weeks after taking the job. The reason? In 2008, he donated $