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California: Breakaway Church Gives Up Property
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/12/09
A conservative Los Angeles-area church that broke away from the Episcopal Church over theological differences and the consecration of a gay bishop is giving up its property. St. Luke's Anglican Church in La Crescenta is being returned to the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. A judge ordered the move, and the state's Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal. The congregation voted to leave the national church three years ago. The diocese sued to retain the property. The congregation has rented a c

Gay Rights Marchers Press Cause in Washington
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/11/09
WASHINGTON Impatient and discouraged by what they see as a certain detachment by President Obama on their issues, gay rights supporters took to the streets Sunday in the largest demonstration for gay rights here in nearly a decade.
The rally was primarily the undertaking of a new generation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocates who have grown disillusioned with the movement's leadership.
Known as Stonewall 2.0 or the Prop. 8 Generation...

Things Take Time, Gay Activist Says of Work
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/9/09
WASHINGTON Patience is not just a virtue for Franklin E. Kameny. It is the essence of his being.
After he was fired from his job as an astronomer at the Army Map Service in 1957 on suspicion of being gay, he fought the federal government to end its ban on gay employees in the civil service. It was 18 more years before the government reversed that policy.
Mr. Kameny began an effort in the early 1960s to repeal the District of Columbia's sodomy law. It took him '30 years, 1 month, 4 days...

Debate Over Gay March Exposes Split in Approach
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/9/09
It was meant to be a unifying show of strength at a critical juncture in the gay rights movement.
But a march planned for Sunday on the Mall in Washington is exposing deep divisions among gay rights advocates around the country as they grapple with whether to continue pushing for gains state by state, or embrace a more aggressive strategy to pressure the Obama administration and Congress for federal action.

House Votes to Expand Hate Crimes Definition
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/8/09
WASHINGTON The House voted Thursday to expand the definition of violent federal hate crimes to those committed because of a victim's sexual orientation, a step that would extend new protection to lesbian, gay and transgender people.
Democrats hailed the vote of 281 to 146, which brought the measure to the brink of becoming law, as the culmination of a long push to curb violent expressions of bias like the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a gay Wyoming college student.

Washington Council to Consider Same-Sex Marriage
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/6/09
WASHINGTON City Council members introduced legislation Tuesday to allow same-sex marriage here. If it passes, as expected, Washington would be the first city below the Mason-Dixon line to allow such unions. The city's bill is expected to become law by December.
But the measure is likely to draw harsh criticism from Congressional Republicans and conservative Democrats, many of whom face midterm elections next year, and they could act to overturn it.

Obama to Address Gay Rights Organization
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/5/09
President Obama will speak to a gathering of gay rights activists this weekend, a day before thousands of people are expected to march on Washington in a demonstration calling for greater legal protections for gays, lesbians and transgendered Americans.
Mr. Obama's appearance on Saturday at the annual dinner for the Human Rights Campaign, a leading gay rights advocacy group, represents a significant show of support for gay rights at a time when many prominent gay and lesbian activists have bee

Texas Battle on Gay Marriage Looms
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/2/09
HOUSTON A judge in Texas paved the way for a court battle over the state's ban on same-sex marriage when she ruled this week that two men married in another state can get divorced in Dallas.
The state attorney general said Friday that he would appeal the decision, even as gay rights advocates applauded the judge, Tena Callahan of Family District Court, for declaring that the state's four-year-old ban on same-sex marriages and civil unions violated the right to equal protection...

Study Finds Gay Roles Up on Broadcast TV
source: The New York Times
posted: 10/1/09
The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters has grown in recent years on prime-time network television but decreased on cable, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation said. For its 'Where We Are on TV' study, the alliance reviewed 79 scripted comedies and dramas announced for the broadcast networks during the 2009-10 season. It found that of 600 regulars on these shows, 18 are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The study said that ABC has the most such characters, w

Rare Source of Attack on ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell?
source: The New York Times
posted: 9/30/09
WASHINGTON In an unusual show of support for allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly in the armed forces, an article in an official military journal argues forcefully for repealing the 'don't ask, don't tell' law, which requires homosexuals in the services to keep their sexual orientation secret.

The article, which appears in Joint Force Quarterly and was reviewed before publication by the office of Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says...