Aids Action Committee Of Massachusetts

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AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
75 Amory Street
Boston, MA  02119
AIDS Action Committee is New England’s largest AIDS service organization working with and on behalf of people infected with, affected by, and at risk for HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to stop the epidemic and related health inequities by eliminating new infections, maximizing healthier outcomes of those infected and at risk, and attacking the root causes of HIV/AIDS. Our clients’ average annual income is $8,600 a year and 10 percent of them are homeless; 40 percent of them are LGBT; and 60 percent are people of color. They are extremely vulnerable to HIV infection. Our committed staff helps them get HIV testing, medical care, housing, and access to benefits offered by state and federal agencies. We lobby state and federal lawmakers for better HIV/AIDS policies that empower them to live better lives. As a result, our clients are more likely to know their HIV status, stay connected with the health care system, and keep themselves and their families safer from HIV infection.

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